In this Earth the African Kingdoms united in an African Empire that didn’t took gently the abuses made to their people by other races and nations. The first and Second World Purges ended with the genocide of all non black people. The few remaining non-blacks are a minority now in this utopic world without poverty or hunger. PL: 5.

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Malcolm X’s Earth


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Same as Earth Prime.

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In this world the Egyptian, Phoenician, Sumerian, Babilonian and Persian cultures expanded to the West instead of the East and the african tribes learned and expanded on their discoveries and achivements. Competting only with the Chinesse in Culture and Organization the Africans became a large number of Kingdoms with no special interest on conquest or the outside world. In the 1500’s a group of Kings from the different African Kingdoms send delegates to negotiate the cease and desist of the abductions commited by the European Slave Traders. The barbarian european kings play deaf and blind to the diplomats and killed them sending a message to the African Kingdoms. The Kings of the African Nations understand this message and united in a single cause. The African Empire was born and from there they conquer Europe and took the american colonies of their former owners freeing the hundred of thousands native and african slaves.
From there the world has been a different yet mirror one of our own.
In Europe non blacks are servants of their black masters.
In America Blacks and Native American Mixed and form a strong alliance.
In the 1850’s the American Purge War, the Civil War of their world, was actually a movement to commit genocide on all non blacks on the nations because they were ploting against the goverment.
In 1919 and 1939 the Chinesse Empire followed in two World Wars that ended with the almost elimination of the complete nation. Orientals are now the new minory. Third Class in this world with the mixed people (black with other nations) been second class.



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Sci Fi Genre: Mirror Universe.
Comic: Authority.


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