Shikaku Mon-1

Shikaku Mon-1
Catholisism and Japannesee dedication merged and now Jappan and Sweedan rule the world. Mecha Clans are used to fight “fake wars” in designated wastelands to solve problems and keep people entertain. Cybernetics and the V-Net are other important achievements. PL: 7. SOURCES: GURPS: Alternate Earths (RPG), Mecha anime, d20 Future: Mecha, d20 Future Tech, d20 Cyberscape.

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Shikaku-Mon-1, Samurai Earth


Point of Divergency:


Current Time:

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Documented Access Points:
P3: Caliph-1
P4: Earth Prime

The same as Earth Prime.

Short Description of PoD:
Japanesse develop a cyberpunk world.

Shikaku Mon is the most original timeline. I can’t do the history justice here in only a paragraph, but I’ll give it a try. Basically, the divergence occurs in the 16th century, when the heir to Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain survives to ascend the throne as John III. Without the union of Spain and Austria under the Hapsburgs, European history took a different shape during the reformation. Meanwhile, on the other side of the globe, the Jesuits were successful with their campaign to bring christain spiritualism to Japan. Under the oda chancellors, Japan began an early westernization that led to its dominance in the far east. The game setting is the 20th century, with the Japanese in control of the eastern half of the globe. Brazil is a major economic power. The Swedish Empire is a totalitarian power and the Kingdom of France has become the major power in the high ground of outer space. However, with so many changes the outline given barely scratches the surface of the resulting world. Again, this world is one that should be expanded, and in my opinion might have been made into a sourcebook all by itself.

The Clans fight with Mecha in wastelands to solve international, corporation and even religious problems and avoid wars since 1964.

Important Organizations:
CEM p80 Holy See p.79 Sunarchaists p.77

Important Characters:

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Outher Dimensional Interference:

Sici Fi Genre: Cyberpunk, Mecha Crusadewr, Heavy Gear Manga and Computer Games
d20 Future: Cybernetics, Mecha Warrior, V-Net
Movies: Johnny Mnemonic, Bladerunner
Game: Mecha Warrior
Shikaku Mon 1
En el mundo de Shikaku Mon 1 la gente viste de forma futuristica comparada con Earth Prime. La tecnologφa estß en todas partes, en especial la cibernΘtica la cual se ense±a como parte normal de la vida. Las ciudades son bastante grandes y tienen vehiculos de todas formas y tama±os. Los habitantes son maleducados pero muy religiosos, son meticulosos y dedicados a sus tareas y ven como una intromision a aquellos que no estßn trabajando y les estorban en el suyo.
En esta realidad los nativos disfrutan de un buen hamburger en Burger Pilot, ven en el V Net la nueva serie The Crew (qeu es como la serie Taxi pero con el elenco de Friends y con mecha en lugar de taxis), y beben CyberCola. El habitante de este mundo tendrß por lo menos un rank en Knowledge/Teology and Religion y otro en Knowledge/Current Events y serß devoto a mantener sus costumbres y tradiciones y en especial sus creencias. El dinero y los negocios son muy importantes tambien.

Shikaku Mon-1

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