In this Earth Roma rules aeterna, media and all kinds of entertainment are around the place continually bombarding the consumer citizen. Bisexual relationships is normal and encourage by cultural standards but heterosexuality and having only one sexual partner are seen as some kind of sexual aberration. Hunger and organ donor’s problems ended with cloning. And clones of animals and people are used in the complex “arena games”. They have a branch of the government that study paranormal phenomena. PL:5 (except for genetic engineering and cloning). SOURCES: GURPS: Alternate Earths (RPG). d20 Future: Cloning.

Complete Name:

Roma Aeterna


Point of Divergency:


Current Time:
1878AC and 2005 AC

Technological Predominancy:
PL 4 (1878AC) and PL 5 (2005BC)

Social Predominancy:
Senate and Emperor

Nexus Point:
1878 Advanced with Steamships, Trains and Canons.
2004 Estable Empire using Cloning technology to maintain their bodies.

Documented Access Points:
P3: Earth Prime
P4: Coallition-1

Law of Invention. Invention difficult; duplication and improvement main means of advancement.
Law of Technology. Rome’s Tech axiom = highest Tech axiom of cosms it’s successfully invaded; p rateds may attempt to raise own Tech axiom; incorporation of world laws of successfully invaded cosm into Rome.

Short Description of PoD:
Nero Drusus returned triunphant from his campaings.

The Roman Empire never falled. A Second and Third Empire survived and now a Organized Third Roman Empire rules the world with two capitals Roma and Hercliopolis. Entertaiment and Martial Law are still the top of the empire.

ROMAN EMPIRE Imperial Roman reality.

Important Organizations:
1878BC: Roma Aeternal, the Roman Empire triumphant, is not fully brought up to modern times, but instead explores the new concept of “Steam Centurians”. That is, the timeline has reached about 1878 and the Roman Empire (in this case the third one) has extended over most of the world. This is a little better than The Reich in concept and detail, and certainly more original. It would have been a good idea if they had cross referenced this with “GURPS ROME” (and might have been a good springboard to reissue that classic GURPS Sourcebook), and it certainly should have been given more space in the book (Perhaps the pages I feel were wasted on The Reich).
2005BC: In 2005 the Roman Empire has the same advancements as in Homeline of the same year. They have gone a little more in terms of Cloning and Genetic Engineering. They have clones that serve as replacement parts and have develop genetically enginered mythological creatures for their zoos and the colliseum. Activist fight for the rights of the clones. The movement is called SVH: Simulacrum Veritas Homo (En los clones existe la verdad del hombre).

Important Characters:
1878: Emperor Gnaeus Septimius Aquileus
2005 Emperor Torogus Gael Maximus
2005: Governor of Nova Britania (George Bush) Gorgos Rubus

Important Considerations:

Outher Dimensional Interference:
Earth Prime: HG-7 11/12/04

SciFi Genre: Dystopian Future, Cloning, Genetic Engineer
d20 Modern: Cloning in the modrn world and Cloning Rights
GURPS: Alternate Earths 1 p.52-69
Roma 3
Los medios de comunicacin y el entretenimiento estßn an mßs descontrolados en el mundo de Roma 3 que en el de Earth Prime. Los chismes de personas famosas estßn en la boca de todos y las cadenas de comunicacin incluyen todos los medios desde emisoras televisivas y radiales, periodicos, revistas y el internet. Pantalas gigantes adornan muchos lugares junto a anuncios gigantes puestos en los edificios adorandos con arcos y columnas romanas. La ropa de la gente cambia de temporada a temporada y de moda en moda al igual que el color y modelo de los carros. El consumerismo y los juegos en los colliseos son la orden del dφa y al forma de vida de estos habitantes. Las enfermedades han sido controladas con los bancos de clonacin (Simulacrum Emporiums) y las guerras han sido acabadas desde que en los 1910 terminaron de conquistar Japn, Australia y Argentina. Estßn orgullosos de sus artes, de su milicia y de su forma de gobierno y siempre mencionan a alguna de las tres cosas cuando no estßn hablando de los juegos. La violencia en la televisin, el homsexualismo y la pedofilia es algo normal en este mundo con sus reglas y delimitaciones sociales establecidas. Los nativos comen comida rßpida en sitios como Burger Emporium donde tienen sus propios vomitoriums, entre noticias y programas de farandulas pueden ver en la televisin la nueva serie Amiqus mientras beben refrescos como BacoCola. El idioma latφn estß metido en todas partes y aunque cada raza habla en su idioma todos lo conocen pues es costumbre poderle a las ciudades, lugares y cosas nombres en latin. Los nombres de las personas, aunque sean de otras razas, estßn “latinizados”. Para los habitantes de este mundo el tener ranks en Knowledge/Popular y Knowledge/Current Events para mantenerse al tanto de los chismes y los medios todo el tiempo es importante. Para todos saber por lo menos leer latin es importante tambien.
Important PCs Paralelites and their Roles (2005):

Abigail Cromwell/Abigalis
Investigator OO

Alexander Marcus
Chief of the Legions of Nova Britania

Andrew Desmond
Asistance Governor of Nova Britania

Anna “Max” Maxine Brown

Bill Hammer

Brother John

Bruce Oscar/Brucius
Security Guard Macedone Circle

Catalina Cruz/Cruix

David "Cash"Smith

David “Dabo” Stephens


Elizabeth Barldon

Gabriel Angeles

Grace Anderson/Graciela
Inventor PBI

Gregory Leonides/Gregorius
Preatorian Centurium NNHG

Preatorian Centurium

Jack Clancy
Preatorian Centurium

James Elliot

Johnny Stick

Jonathan Turtle

Kurt Burton

Lester “Doc Church” Churcill Stark

Lord Wyrmblood

Mailee Wong


Martin Murphy

Mary Ann Queen
Slave OO

Father Patricks Williams

Richard Rivera

Robert Matherson

Ron Estarborn

Russell Ribisi

Samantha Craven
Witch OO



Thomas Cook

Vickie Galaxy

Victor Daniels

Zack Ryan/Zacharias IX
Gladiator Simulacrum

Provinciae Imperii Romani – Province of the Roman Empire

Nova Nike – New York
Statue of Victory
Macedone Circle Colliseum
Roma Empire Province Building
Apolosvia – Broadway
Infravia – Subway
Ferrumvia – Train Station and rails
Ferrumcarruca – Train, Train car
Carruca – Car
Differuexaro – Newspaper
Tumulocasses – Internet
The Infra – The Underworld

RNN – Roman News Network
SBO – Spectaculum Broadcasting Organization
“Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the Macedone Circle Collisieum. Tonight we present you, in the tradition of…”

PBI – Province Buoreu of Investigation
PIA – Preatorian Investigation Agency
PA Physicians Association
NGA – Nova Gladiator Association
Simulacrum Emporium – Clone Clinics
NNHG – Nova Nike Hisarmis Guard
Hisarmis – Policeman, Police Force

Heronians – Brujos Magos Seers
Oracle Office – Heronian Advisors to the Government
veneficus : poisonous, magical /witch, wizard, caster of spells

SPQR" :stands for “Senatus Populusque Romanus.” [“The Senate and People of Rome.”] This Latin motto of the Ancient Roman Empire that sounded imperial glory for millennia. Enter SPQR Online, and explore the interactive journey through the society and culture of Ancient Rome – a city whose influence continues to exert itself on modern civilization. A knowledge database, SPQR Online provides a comprehensive resource on the legacy of this great empire. Included are surveys to help the web development team better adapt the site to users, Teacher Forums for educators to collaborate with one another in making Ancient Rome and Latin both more fun and exciting for students. Other interactive features, such as a Roman postcard generator and mailing list, help make SPQR Online a web resource for student and teacher alike. “Veni, Vidi, Vici” never sounded so good.
miles militis : soldier, warrior, knight
militaris -e : of a soldier, military, martial
pedis : foot-soldier
schola : school /elite troop of soldiers
latro : (-onis) hired servant / mercenary soldier
castrum : castle, fort, fortress, fortified encampment, station

Monday = Moonday
Tuesday = Marsday
Wendsday = Mercurisday
Thursday = Jupitersday
Friday = Venusday
Saturday = Saturnday
Sunday = Sunday

Burger Emporium = Burger King
“Come and try our new Pegasus Wings, when you buy a medium size combo with a medium BacoCola and Fries. And remember to visit us in our Saturnday’s Orgies where you get all you can eat and the use of the vomitivus are free!”

Denario = $

Activist fight for the rights of the clones. The movement is called SVH: Simulacrum Veritas Homo (En los clones existe la verdad del hombre).

The Marathon Man

The Running Man is a gladiatorial-style competition that takes place in an earthquake-ruined section of Los Angeles, with several ‘runners’ attempting (and it is implied that before Richards, invariably failing) to survive while being chased by “hunters”. The hunters in the movie resemble professional wrestlers, with fancy weapons, costumes and nicknames. Some of the hunters were played by professional wrestlers, among them Jesse Ventura; football legend Jim Brown also played a hunter. The show’s host was played by Richard Dawson, in a self-parody of his most famous role as the host of the game show, Family Feud.


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