In this Earth Hitler was victorious. America is a fascist country that allied with the third Reich during WWII. The truth about the concentration camps in Germany is the most kept secret of the Gestapo. Minorities work on factories and farms but live in concentration camps leaving the good life to the more genetically superior races. A special branch that recently separated from the SS is in charge of paranormal activities using people with special abilities. PL: 5. SOURCES: d20 Past, GURPS: Alternate Earths (RPG), Fatherland (Movie).

Complete Name:



Point of Divergency:

Current Time:


Technological Predominancy:

Social Predominancy:

Nexus Point:
P3: Earth Prime
P3: Univac-2
P3: Aeolus-1

Documented Access Points:

Law of Community. Hinders cooperation of more than one cause/group with a penalty of any interaction during an attempt to work with ‘others’.
Law of the Aryan. Difference in laws of physics and magic mean that
technology above Tech and magic from outside Europa are contradictions.

Short Description of PoD:
Hitler Victorious. Hitler wins WWII

Nazi reality. Cosm.

El Partido Socialista Nacional se organiza en EU y se une a Hitler.
Hitler tira la bomba a Moscow y luego en dos ciudades de EU.
Japon se queda con China y Pearl Harbor.
Los negros y latinos son perseguidos como los judios.
Italia se queda con el norte de Africa.
Alemania con parte de Rusia y de EU.
La guerra se sigue peleando para invadir Canada y Sur America.
La produccion de carros se detuvo y hay mas zepellines, trenes y subways
Mass Transportation, Media Manipulation (Propaganda), and Efficiency over Beauty.

Divergent point
Giuseppe Zangara kills Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933. Alternating Democratic and Republican Administrations prevents the US from aiding England against Hitler and England falls. Due to the corruption and cooperation of the Pelley Administration, America is reduced to a client state of Germany shortly before German troops smash Canada to officially end the war.
German and Japanese powers keep their spheres of influence separate, peaceful co-existence is maintained. German Aerospace tech may be the best military air and spacecraft Homeline has seen and Japan’s bio research is equally advanced.

Important Organizations:
White, Protestan and Socialist

Important Characters:

Important Considerations:

Outher Dimensional Interference:
Earth Prime: HG-6 11/17/04

SCIFI Genre: Dystopian Future, Hitler Victorious Scenarios
d20 Future: Dimension X
GURPS: Alternate Earths1 p.33-51
MOVIE: Fatherland
Ocultism Division – Okkultismus Arbeitsteilung
top secret streng geheim
prohibited verboten
Servicio Secreto/ Policia Secreta = SS
JIG = Japan Imperial Guard

Reich 5
La gente de la AmΘrica facista de Reich 5 viste conservadoramente con ropa mßs parecida a los a±os 1950. Propaganda del partido se encuentra por todas partes con altavoces en las calles que anuncian constantemente las noticias importantes y mensajes de los lφderes. Los edificios, carros, armas y mßquinas son hechas buscando ser prßcticas y no atractiva. Los medios de transportacin en masa (subways, trenes y guaguas) son pblicos, limpios, eficientes y puntuales y estßn disponibles para todo el mundo aunque los de razas impuras tienen que usar vagones para ellos. Los medios de comunicacin estßn tan avanzados como los nuestros con internet controlado por el gobierno. Los oficiales de gobierno importantes aprenden alemßn para hablar con los funcionarios importantes del partido Nazi.
Las calles estßn llenas de gente blanca caminando y hay muy pocos carros. La mayorφa de estos son del gobierno y todos son del mismo color negro.
Los miembros de las razas impuras viven en ghetos y trabajan en fßbricas o fincas controladas por el gobierno. Luego del toque de queda no pueden estar en la calle. Los nativos comen comida rßpida en sitios como Burger Furher, ven en la televisin repeticiones de la reciΘn cancelada serie Freundes y beben refrescos como AxisCola. Oficiales de gobierno sabrßn aleman, japones o italiano (o las tres) para trabajar con sus aliados facistas.

Important PCs Paralelites and their Roles:

Abigail Cromwell
Secret Commander of OA/ Killed in 11/29/04.

Alexander Marcus

Andrew Desmond

Anna “Max” Maxine Brown

Bill Hammer

Brother John

Bruce Oscar

Catalina Cruz
Captain of the Spanish Facist Guard

David "Cash"Smith

David “Dabo” Stephens
Captain of the Italian Facist Guard


Elizabeth Barldon

Gabriel Angeles
Soldier of the Spanish Facist Guard

Grace Anderson
Scientist OA

Gregory Leonides
Soldier of the Italian Facist Guard


Jack Clancy
Officer of the SS

James Elliot

Johnny Stick
Okkultismus Arbeitsteilung

Jonathan Turtle

Kurt Burton

Lester “Doc Church” Churcill Stark

Lord Wyrmblood
Officer of the SS

Mailee Wong
Commandan of the JIG

Okkultismus Arbeitsteilung

Martin Murphy
Gunslinger OA

Mary Ann Queen
Okkultismus Arbeitsteilung

Father Patricks Williams

Richard Rivera
News Cast

Robert Matherson

Ron Estarborn

Samantha Craven
Okkultismus Arbeitsteilung

Okkultismus Arbeitsteilung


Thomas Cook

Vickie Galaxy
News Cast

Victor Daniels

Zack Ryan

Important NPC’s and their Roles:

Governor George Bush

Saddam Hussein
Rebel Recently Capture and killed in the Gas chamber

Ossama Bin Laddem

Los personajes que sean judios, latinos o negros serán marginados.
Los personajes arios serán oficiales.
Samantha y otros con poderes serían parte de la División Oculta. Okkultismus Arbeitsteilung

American Schutzstaffel

Colonel J. Klanzing

Officer M. Murphy
Soldier VanDamme

Staff (all related skills are +10)
12 Soldiers (AB)
1 Techie (Repair)
1 Cryptologist (Decipher Script/Forgery Expert)
1 Hacker(Computer Use)
2 Secretaries (Gather Info/Research/Investigate)
1 Interrogator (Intimidate)
4 Cars
1 Helicopter

Unlimited Free Access up to Level 5 Security
Wealth DC to get something else: 35.
Time: 1d6 hours each.
Reputation DC to cut time to half: 18

Security Levels

Level Description
0 No Security Level, Common Citizen Access.
1 Secure.
2 Restricted. Weapons and Military Vehicles.
Permit to interrogate Citizen. Normal Police Officer Security.
3 Police Access. Unlimited Communication Access.
Unlimited Mass Transportation Access.
4 Unlimited Inter Regional and Inter Continental Access.
5 SS Access. Access to Army Resources.
6 Top Secret

Case #565123: Concentration Camps Cover Up
Security 5 Level

Description: Classified Information of Level 6 Security was stolen from the General SS Archives in Berlin and delivered to the American Resistance in New York on 2004/12/01 by a number of unknown agents that initially posed as agents of the Italliano Polizia and the Emperors Royal Guard of Japan.

Resolution: The O.A. was found guilty of failure on the recovery and destruction of the classified information by SS Colonel J. Klanzing on 2005/01/01. The O.A. was dissolved. Commander A.Cromwell was send to the gas chamber.

Status: Open.
Officers of the Propaganda machine are in charge of keeping the

Project Hypergate
Level 5 Security
Howfmann Institute

Dr. Lester Browick, Head Project
Dr. Peter Ribisi, Assistant
Total Staff:
Technicians (4)
Security (6)

Objective: To find a way to open gateways to other realities that can be plunder of resources and conquer.

Project Status: Active
Project Last Assessment:
2004/03/15 SS Colonel J. Klanzing
Completion Estimated: 24.7%
Estimated Date of Completion: 2012/06/01

Project X
Level 6 Security
Doctor Mengele Genetic Institute

Dr. Ruppert Krovak, Head Project
Dr. Viena Susnek, Assistant
Total Staff:
Technicians (9)
Security (12)

Objective: To find a virus that can be used to selectively kill genetically inferior enemies chosen by the Committee.

Project Status: Active
Project Last Assessment:
2005/01/06 SS Colonel P. Smidish
Completion Estimated: 94.4%
Estimated Date of Completion: 2005/03/31.

Ocultism Division – Okkultismus Arbeitsteilung

Origin: A branch of the SS that was approved to work stand alone by the American Government Council on 1999/10/05. The members proved to have active extra sensorial and arcane abilities. The organization was able to use this abilities for the better of The Party on 52 paranormal cases.

Status: Inactive since 2005/01/01. All members reabsorbed by the SS.

Notes: Commander A. Cromwell destroyed all information that was pertinent to Case #565123. She erased the data from the computers and destroyed most of the evidence. Only the robot found remains. Our investigators have been able to piece together the facts that she instructed some of her fellow officers to do additional researches on this items and evidence and also to accomplish tasks that were later not reported to their superiors. All related agents are wanted for questioning. Agents related: S.Craven, G.Anderson, A.M.Brown

Commander A. Cromwell
Position: Secret Operations Officer (I)
Security Level: 6
Status: Accused of failure in the Case #565123 (S5L). Deceased 2005/01/01
Notes: (I) Cromwell was a genetically inferior woman that was activated as a special agent for her uncanny abilities on Linguistics, Cryptology, Computer Hacking, Arcane Lore and History. Her real name and race was unknown to those under her command who she coordinate as her position indicates.

Samantha Craven
Position: Occultist Expert
Security Level: 4
Status: Disappeared since 2004/12/04.
Notes: Her house was searched by the police and there are no hints of where she could have gone. Her belongings are untouched, her house’s keys on the table and nothing was taken.

Graciel Anderson
Position: Head Technician
Security Level: 5
Status: Disappeared since 2004/12/02.
Notes: Her personal workshop was closed pending future investigation. Her Security level allowed her access to restricted materials.

Anna Maxine Brown
Position: Interrogator
Security Level: 4
Status: Disappeared since 2004/12/01.
Notes: Consultant of the Mindwrath Institute. In this place the O.A. “retired” individual with special abilities for future studies. The subjects are keep at bay using a drug that suppress their psionic powers.

Martin Murphy
Position: Driver and Gunman
Security Level: 3
Status: Active. Transferred to the SS New York Headquarters under Colonel J. Klanzing 2005/01/18.

Soldier S
Position: Grunt
Security Level: 3
Status: Active. Transferred to the SS New York Headquarters under Colonel J. Klanzing 2005/01/18. ID Chip in his possession.
Notes: Prototype of Project Soldier S. A Cybernetic Ubbermann develop as a super soldier. Is completely loyal to the person that has his ID chip.

Miguela Ruiz Padilla
Place of Origin: Chile
Race: Hispanic

Claims to be a independent researcher from Chile that has develop important information that can increase the Completion of Project H by 74%.

She entered the country with legal papers. Claims not to be an expert on her field of advance physics. She’s not a scientist of renown, more than an inventor and theorist. Our agents in South America have no prior knowledge of her but have been able to collaborate her story.

She wants to work directly with the person in charge of the project and she claims she won’t accept substitutes.

We have study her data and it looks right. The staff of Project H must study this data further.

You have the choice to work with this person as you see fit to correlate the information on her background and the usefulness of her claims.

Technology has stayed the same with more trains, subways and zeppellins than cars and planes. The industry of america is used for many war machines. Scientists can do experiments in cloning and genetics that are not allowed to do in Earth Prime leading to the creation of Franks and Clones. Research in the occult is encouraged by the Nazi Party and Witches and Mutants have a special place as special forces.

The people in power at the Nazi party know that the war can’t continue. Is taking to much of the economy and society and everyone is going to raise against them. Keeping everybody at bay with the enemies of the arian people has worked for many years but there still only a few enemies away and are not worth the effort.

The world today is still fighting little wars on South America, Canada, Africa and Australia. The Facist Party in America helps with the attacks but everybody is tired of 40 years of war. Adolph Hitler, patriarch of the Nazi Party is travelling to meet other world representatives in New York. The First Peace World Initiative.

Reporter Richard Rivera with some help steals a suitecase full of movies, records and old Nazi confidential papers. He is in America and is trying to give the information to the rebels.

This suitcase has the proof of the Holocaust existed. A cover up of this has been hidding this for all this years.

An elderly Hitler is comming to met with the assigned Territorial Dovernor John F. Kennedy and his officers want the information retrieved at any cost. Different groups are behind the suitcase: Rebels, Japanese Agents, SS, The new Occultist Division, and the Italian Polizia Segreta.


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