As prophecy claimed, in 1900 something big happened, the “Ancient Gods” of legend came back to Earth and reclaimed their slaves and their position. The world is now divided in their domains where every living person is slave to one god or another. The gods have claimed that they have given their followers great advances but in reality this earth has the same progress level as Earth Prime without “gods” to interfere. PL: 5. SOURCES: d20 Future Tech, d20 Future: From the Dark Hearth of Space. “Secret Invasion”.

Complete Name:
Pantheon 1 TERRA.1901AC.4

Pantheon 1, Pantheon Earth, God’s Earth


Point of Divergency:


Current Time:

Technological Predominancy:

Social Predominancy:

Nexus Point:
1901AC PL4
2004AC PL5
Pantheons PL9

Documented Access Points:
P3: Pangea-3

Same as Earth Prime

Short Description of PoD:
The ancient gods are back and they are not happy about a race of workshippers that forgot about them.

It was the night of the turn of the century when the skies lighted up with the lights of the chariots of the gods comming back to Earth. They came, they calimed their rightfull place and everything changed in the world.


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Outher Dimensional Interference:

SciFi Genre: Semi-Secret Invasion of the 1980’s
d20Future: Form the Dark Hearth of Space
Movie: Independence Day
TV Series: “V”
Each pantheon has its own set of rules for workship and payment of tributes.

Each pantheon has a series of gods that take care of a function on their territory and their followers will be those who work in that area.

The pantheons are leaving all work to some followers with special functions:
Priests The Goverment body in charge of every day affairs are the chossen priests and priestesses of the gods. They are ussually organized by the head of the pantheon.
Clerics The Soldiers and Guards in charge of mainteining the order. They have the symbol of the pantheon on their clothes and ussually are organized by the god of war of the pantheon.
Oracles The media, the people in charge of expanding the message of each pantheon. They are usually organized by another god of the pantheon.
Servitors Everyone else. The servitors must be organized by a god that represents the line of work they are designed to do.

Pantheon 1
El mundo de Pantheon 1 es igual en todos los aspectos a Earth Prime. Solo peque±os detalles como las insignias y banderas dejan saber que hay algo distinto. Las banderas de los nuevos territorios o Panteones son del color del panteon que domina con la silueta de su territorio en el medio y el simbolo del panteon en el centro de la silueta. Todo el mundo debe inscribirse en un hospital al nacer donde muestras de DNA, sangre, tejido y pelo son tomadas. Ademßs estßn sujetos a pruebas anuales donde se actualizan los archivos de los habitantes con pruebas de fertilidad, sonogramas y CTs. Estos archivos son usados por los “dioses” para escoger las personas que son llevadas a sus respectivos “paraisos”. Los habitantes viven tranquilos esperando el ser escogidos y creen qeu si no fuera por los dioses estarφan todavφa en las mismas que hace 1000 a±os con mßquinas de vapor, etc.
Los nativos pueden comer cmida rßpida en Burger God, ver en television la serie The Choosen Ones y beber la soda llamada DeusCola.
Algunas veces el pantehon dominante mueve su fortaleza cerca o sobre una ciudad que desean estudiar para demostrar su poder y amedrentar posibles insurectos. Las gigantescas fortalezas estßn cosmΘticamente arregladas para parecer la casa de los dioses especφficos. Por ejemplo: Pantheon Asgariano es en forma de Barco, el Pharaonico es en forma de Piramide y el Olympico en forma de Templo cuadrado con columnas y todo. Estas fortalezas miden media milla de diametro y tienen suficiente poder destructivo para acabar con una ciudad en una hora.
Los dioses son mßs grandes en tama±o que un humano y son en todo la representacin del dios como la gente los espera. Miden como 8 pies de alto y pesan mas de 400 libras. En realidad son robots y los fraals estßn adentro controlandolos. Los fraals estßn infectados y son ahora Boraks. Las personas que son escogidas son sus vφctimas para comerselos y hacer horribles experimentos con ellos. Criatura Menance Manual que se pueden encontrar son Alien Probe (p.14) que son llamados “Light of the Gods” y los Bodaks que son los “dioses”. Los habitantes tendrßn por lo menos un rank en Knowledge/Teology and Religion y serßn mal informados en Knowledge/History dandole un penalty de 2 en ese ltimo skill.


1901 The gods show themselves and proclame their discontent and their intentions of reclaiming the rulership of the planet Earth.

1902 The combined armies of all Earth nations are destroyed in the “One Year War” or the “First Pantheonic War”. Mayor capitals were masacred by floods, rains of fire and sulfur, and plagues. The world surrenders to the gods.



China, Japan and Australia


North America

South America

1903 The world is under the control of the gods and they divide the continents in Pantheonic Territories.

1927 The first try to liberate themselves of the tyrany by allied forces of Russia, Germany and England failled.

1939 The second Liberation World War failled.

2004 Missery, hunger and all the rest of the human problems stay the same as Homeline of the same year. The people work for the benefit of the gods and their representatives.

The oracles claim that the progress, science, medicine and technology are the works of the gods and that we are better under their tutelage. There are people that are saying that the world will be the same without them.


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