New mutated races of intelligent animals try to begging anew after an atomic war in the 50’s. The human legacy is a bad thing and considered taboo, humans considered no more than animals. PL:3 (with some inventions of PL:4 and PL:5). SOURCES: Kamandi (Comics), Planet of the Apes (Movies), Giant Insects Movies of the 50’s. d20 Future: Genetech and Wasteland, d20 Apocalypse.

Our Gamma World Campaign

Complete Name:

Kamandi-1, Animal Earth, Wasteland


Point of Divergency:

Current Time:


Technological Predominancy:
PL:3 with some remanents of PL:4 and PL:5

Social Predominancy:

Nexus Point:

Documented Access Points:
P3: Earth Prime
P3: Ezcalli-1
P4: Romero-2

Law of Radiation. Attribute packages and mutant powers at cost of deformities and debilitated attributes.
Law of Technological Regression. Only items to Tech 15 may be made.

Short Description of PoD:
In this reality the Third World War ocurred just like the movies of the ‘50’s where telling it. After the bombs there come a wave of giant insects mutate from atomic tests in the desert destroying many cities. Later on animals mutated into intelligent beins that controlled the insects but slaved the human popullation. Survivors live in the ruins of the old human cities or as slave of the new owners of the planet. All three mayor civilizations of North America have decided that humans are dangerous and are not allowed to have weapons.

Post apocalypse reality.


Important Organizations:
United States of Lions – A democratic society. They try to reconstruct civilization going back to the roots of the United States. They dress and talk like colonials and have rules like them. PL: 4.
Apecity : A caste society with three castes: Gorilla Warriors, Orangutan Politics and Chimpanze Scientifics and Workers.
Empire of the Tigers: A Monarchy of conquerors that copied the Roman Empire.

Important Characters:

Important Considerations:
d20 Future: Radiation Sickness p.80

Outher Dimensional Interference:

SciFi Genre: Post Apocalyptic movies and nuclear fears of the 1950’s
Comics: Kamandi
Games: Gamma World, Darwin’s World
Movies: Logan’s Run, Mad Max, Waterworld

Kamandi 4
Al llegar a Kamandi 4 el visitante encontrarß ciudades destruφdas por la guerra nuclear. Algunas tribus de mutantes peligrosos viven en ellas. La ciudad de New York estß casi toda bajo el agua y barcos de pescadores se pasan entre los edificios que se elevan sobre la superficie. En las afueras, los nuevos centros de civilizacin florecen con hermosas ciudades que respetan mejor a la naturaleza. Los tygors viven como si fueran romanos, los leones como si fueran coloniales americanos, y los monos han desarrollado su propia cultura para no parecerse en nada a los humanos. Los humanos son tratados como animales: no se les deja aprender a leer ni portar armas y se usan para trabajos fuertes, tampoco se les permite procrearse en grandes nmeros.
Las nuevas razas que dominan el mundo Kamandi 4 pueden visitar el Burger Lizard para disfrutar de comida rßpida, escuchan en la radio el primer programa de aventuras Survivors (miembros de las nuevas razas que crian animales para que sean mascotas, etc.) y toman la bebida CocaJuice. Habitantes de las nuevas razas tendrßn los feats correspondintes a su PL y algn rank en Survival. Razas del Menace Manual que se pueden encontrar son: Cat Folk (p.20), Chemical Golem (p.22) y el Man’o War (p.63).


Marauders, Dangerous Human and Mutant Tribes
Groups that can pose a dangerous treat will band together in groups of 50 to 100 and even up to 200 members.

A-Romies Former members of the army that “deserted” when all governments fall and used their training and equipments to secure their survival oppressing the others. Now they are groups of mutated tribes that use PL:1 weapons and, PL: 4 vehicles jury-rigged and still organize themselves as military units. They have mutated skin and look like orcs. The mutation that helps them is Exoeskeleton giving them 3 points of armor. They usually attack towns near the wastelands but are bold enough to enter more secure territories.

Mechanics The mechanics see themselves as a Knight Order of the Mechanics (KOM) and have passed the knowledge to craft, maintain and repair machines from generation to generation like sacred texts. They travel in augmented vehicles of PL:5 and wear weapons of PL:4 to even PL:6! They help settlements repairing their machines and asking for only food and shelter. They use a gear with the letters KOM as a symbol.

Nuclear Marauders Other tribes of marauders that could or could not have mutations. This ones use PL:0 and PL:1 weapons if they have mounts they use horses or giant insects. They usually band together by similar mutations.

Nuclear Nomads The nuclear nomads can be mutated or not but they don’t want to sunk into barbarism like the other tribes. He wants to settle down and recreate civilization and have his own rules and laws. They want to survive and will attack anyone that approach them and place their families and properties (everything they have fight so much for) in jeopardy. They are usually armed with weapons from PL: 1 to 4 and can even have vehicles of PL: 3 to 5.

Road Warriors Tribes of marauders that use vehicles of PL:5 and weapons of PL:3. They could be or not mutated and are usually mixed.

Sewerers Mutant marauders that live underground on the sewers or subway stations of the burned out cities. They only go out at night and attack with their physical mutations and PL:0 or PL:1 weapons. They have a guttural and archaic language derived from the language originally spoken on the city.

The Crazies Mutants with mental powers that are totally insane and band together to turn others into dementia and kill them.

Beast – Un peligroso animal asesino de las nuevas razas. Aliarse a él es saber que los Tigres, Monos y Leones los perseguiran y dispararán a matar por andar con él. Si lo siguen el los llevará al desierto donde uno tribu completa de mutantes lo esperan. Es el paralelita de Hunter.

Coronel Travis Lom – Leon a cargo de la campaña de recuperación que se está haciendo en la costa del territorio Tigre. El gobierno Leon no ha decidido si darle a los demás la tecnología que han descubierto/rehecho pero los tugres de buena voluntad los dejan sacar cosas de la New York sumergida. El Coronel solo quiere conocimiento tecnologico de los animales a la mala.

Doctor Oldoc Canus – Un perro super inteligente que es científico y cirujano y les ayudará porque le interesa la tecnología de estos.

Lealee – Hija de Morcus que es pacifista y entiende que los animales deben tener derechos.

Lester – Tenía 12 años cuando empezó todo y puede contarles la historia. este peludo y barbudo hombre de cabellos blancos es paralelita de Doc Church.

Speaker Morcus – Politico de la Apecity que intenta que sean ajusticiados los acusados por Actual Contra la Ley.

King of the Tygors – El Rey de los Tigres es el qeu tiene en su mano ser el juez pero está jugando a los Leones contra los monos para ver si consigue lo que quiere con la tecnologia.

Prince of the Tygors – Un jovial y aventurero joven tigre que quiere hacerse amigo de los personajes.

Sackers – Una serpiente que es el mercader mas despiadado del lugar y quiere sacarle provecho a los equipos de los personajes. Esta enviando nadadores a sacar las cosas de ellos del mar.

“Beware the beast man, for he is the Devil’s pawn. Alone among God’s primates, he kills for sport or lust or greed. Yea, he will murder his brother to possess his brother’s land. Let him not breed in great numbers, for he will make a desert of his home and yours. Shun him, for he is the harbinger of death.”

— The Sacred Scrolls of the Apes


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