An Earth invaded by bug aliens that came in an asteroid around Second World War and every nation of Earth is united against the aliens since them. They recently where helped by operatives from Earth Prime that teached them how to build an atomic bom. PL: 4 (moving toward 5). SOURCES: Starship Troopers (Movie), World War II Movies. d20 Future: Bug Hunters and Wasteland.

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Democracy, Alliances and Chaos

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P3: GenerR-1
P3: Centrum
P3: Homeline

Same as Terra

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A insectoid race falls to Earth in the middle of WW2.


A new weapon is needed, one that can help the world that is slowly falling. Perhaps that old man … what was his name? Alfred Einstein? Albert? Yeah Albert Einstein. Maybe hes crazy ideas could have been usefull today.

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Outher Dimensional Interference:
Earth Prime: HG-7 12/14/04

Sci Fi Genre: Invasion, Alternate Earth
Open Invasion movies of the 1990’s.
Other Genre: War Movies
d20M: Bug Hunt, Alternate Earth
Movies: Starship Troopers, Independence Day
Novels: Harry Turtledove World in a Balace.
Hive 4
La sobrepoblacin, el militarismo y las ciudades amurralladas sin un edificio mßs nuevo de treinta a±os son caracterisitcas de el mundo Hive 4. Las modas en ropa civil y militar no ha cambiado mucho desde los 1940’s aunque en armas se han puesto mismo nivel que Earth Prime. recientemente descubierta la bomba atmica es usada para destruir los enjambres principales de los insectos invasores. No existe el racismo, ni la desconfianza en el hermano humano ni nada parecido. Todos son aliados, amigos y hermanos. Los nativos comen comida rßpida en sitios como Ration General, escuchan en la radio repeticiones del programa Bunker Pals (una unidad de soldados) y beben refrescos como BugCola. Habitantes de este mundo pertenecientes a el ejercito (casi todos lo son) tendrßn por lo menos un rank Knowledge/Tactics y sabrßn usar armas de fuego.


1939 In 1940 the world was in the beggining of its second world war and as the Germans where taking a big chunk of Eourope nothing can be worst than the fear of occupation or bombing. The United States were still not in the war and England and Russia were allied to stop the alliance between Nazy Germany and Facist Italy.

1940 Then things changed. A giant asteroid fell to Earth in the middle of Siberia. It caused some minor changes in the atmosphere, for starters a two years snowfall without day. What came next was worse than the lost of all crops in U.S.A and the death for freezing in the carribbean.

1942 A race of insect like creatures, later named the Arachnich, began to take control of Siberia and the north of Russia.

1944 The arachnich expanded south to China and took control of the east coast of that nation.

1950 The arachnich suddenly jump to Alaska and took control of the northwest of Canada. All of this in less than 10 years. This ten years the nations of the Earth have banded togheter and have fought the invasion with mixed results.

2004 Their technology in terms of weaponry is the same as Homeline in the same year. Other things like medicine and electronics are not that avanced. Clothings and transportation is still the same as the 1940s. Sixty years of war has taken a toll on the human race. Inmigrants move in mass to the nations of the south trying to escape the hives. Hunger and overpopulation fills the sount hemisphere and death and desvastation fills the northen. People work 24 hours a day in factories manufaturing tanks and planes.

The arachnich move from territory to territory taking controll of the place and using every animal and plant as food for their gigantic underground hives. The ruins of the cities and towns stripped of everything alive are some of the ghostly scenes of this world. Cities turned hives with buildings and subway tunnels turned into nests for their young arachnichs.

Today Nazi agents work together with American Commandos and Russian Soldiers in this world to stop the fall of the Walled City of New York.

There is a crazy man that claims he knows how to stop the hives. He’s in the University taking every possible document that could have belonged to a long death man called Albert Einstein.


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