Government controls people using drugs and torture and places those who can’t be controlled in New York’s Penitentiary. This place is also a hunting ground for aliens allied to the government in secret. PL:5 (and moving toward 6). SOURCES: 1984 (Novel), Fahrenheit (Novel), Aliens (Movies), Predator (Movies), Escape from New York (Movies). Dystopian Governments. d20 Future: Bug Hunters.

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Giger 2, Hunting Ground’s Earth


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P3 Kamandi-4
P3: Pantheon-1

Same and Earth Prime

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Contact with a race of aliens called the Yautja turned the world into a totalitarian government.



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SciFi Genre: Alien under the bed. movies of the 1960’s.
d20F: Bug Hunt
Movies: Escape from N.Y, Escape from L.A. Alien Movies, Predator Movies
Giger 2
El mundo de Giger 2 es uno de control donde la sobrepoblación y el alto crimen ha llevado al gobierno a tomar medidas drásticas y cerrar la isla de Manhattan para convertirla en la más grande cárcel de máxima seguridad. El que entra nunca sale. En las calles delas ciudades se puede notar las primeras differencias. Calles muy limpias y policias listos a arrestar a aquellos que comenten la más breve infracción. Los carros son todos blancos y no tienen llave para cerrarlos, simplemente se dejan donde llegas y el que lo necesita lo usa. Los cartelones anunciando drogas son comunes al igual que anuncios de televisin y radio con el mismo tema. El “ciudadano” nativo de America come comida rápida en lugares como el HamBurger King, ve en la televisin el programa Criminals y toma para refrescarse Rumcola. El crimen es algo normal en la ciudad pero la violencia policiaca es tan mala como la ola criminal.
En la Penitenciaria de New York la ciudad esta en ruinas, llena de grafiti y suciedad y los reclusos actuan en muchos casos como barbaros capaces de hacer lo que sea para sobrevivir. Habitantes de la penitenciariaa sabran usar armas de distintos tipos y habran improvisado armas simples o arcaicas.

1947AC An alien craft crashed in the New Mexico desert near Roswell and that civilians arriving at the scene witnessed dead and injured alien bodies. The government finds out that aliens have been visiting Earth and using them as a hunting ground for hundred of years. They cover up the event.

1949AC The government establishes a treaty with the aliens. They will get technology in exchange for victims (people and creatures) for the aliens to hunt.

1952AC People continue dissapearing around the world every year under unusual circunstances and the Government agencies have to covert up the knowledge that aliens did exist. They train special ops unit to be hunt by the aliens, they also inform the aliens of the location of dangerous criminals, terrorists or mercenaries and other enemies of the state in South America, Russia and Irak that can be easy destroyed to their advantage.

1967AC The city of New York is the city with the more higher criminal activity. Is one of the cities that are visited by the aliens as rural hunting grounds. The government began breeding dangerous creatures for the aliens. Using their own technology they prepare more dangerous creatures for them, enhancing nomally dangerous beasts like tigers and lions with genetic engineering.

1974AC With the technology and control over the United States the government turn into a totalitarian state ruled by a government state that is compose by the leaders of the FBI, CIA, NSA and Pentagon. Other nations that don’t share their stealth weapon technology and their orbital laser systems are crushed. The United States decides everything about other nations at well. Everybody fears and hates The United States.

1988AC New York City, overrun by crime, is walled in. It becomes the world’s largest, most uncontrolled prison, with the inmates prevented from escaping by armed guards who man the walls twenty four hours a day. Those confined within the city are free to live and die as they please, creating their own form of government, choosing their leaders, and using guile, brutality, and criminal ingenuity to survive. The city’s world renowned silhouette, gazed upon from the shores of Liberty Island, is familiar, but, without electricity to light up the nights, it has become dark and ominous, like the fledgling society growing in its streets, alleyways, and sewers.

1994AC The aliens are happy with the hunting grounds and continue to come every year. The government has to give more dificult prey to the aliens and they use their technology to create a new breed of predator. The project is Xenomorph 13.

1995AC The Cartel Wars take a toll on the United States when a large amount of Latin Amerian Nations get togheter to attack them. Others follow the same example and a series of small wars errupt. Been the more famouse the Two Desert Wars where America uses his Stealth Bombers and Laser Sattelites to attack the Arab Nations.

1997AC New York city is now a maximum security prison. Breaking out is impossible. Breaking in is insane. From time to time the government lets some weapons been smuggled to the city to arm the inmates and make them more dangerous for the aliens to fight with.

2001AC A complete totallitarian state in constant fear of war and with small conflicts is what the world has come to in the new millenium. US still at the hearth of all with their advanced weapons that the other nations are copying. War can beggan at any moment.

2002AC To maintain a presense as peacekeepers and problem sovers The Comitte proposes the other nations to rid themselves of their criminals using the NY Prison.

2005AC Aliens visit the city and take care of the Xenomorphs that have invaded it. The people that live there knows the truth but nobody beleives them. The rest of the planet are just happy that the government has taken care of criminal and overpopulation problems. Meanwhile the xenomorphs keep multipling in the city ruins….


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