Aztec dominated Americas discovering Africa and Europe before Columbus. Human sacrifices are common in the occidental lands. Indians oppose Euros and other “white men” and have more medical, scientific and technological advances than them. Their believe in mysticism and religion helps them develop other disciplines like acolytes and telephats. Lord Wyrmz arrived to this reality to give the Emperor of the Ten Tribes a Quetzal from Mystara-1 in order to give him more religious power to abuse of. PL:5+. SOURCES: GURPS: Alternate Earths (RPG), Sliders: Blood and Splendor (Comic).

Complete Name:



Point of Divergency:


Current Time:
1840AC and 2005AC

Technological Predominancy:
PL 4(1840AC) and PL5

Social Predominancy:
Patriarch (1840AC) and Monarchy(2005AC)

Nexus Point:
P3: Earth Prime P3: Dixie-1
P4: Zearh-1 P3: Wasteland-1

Documented Access Points:
1840AC 2004AC

Law of Sacrifice. Sacrifice in prescribed manner grants Up condition
(duration varies with nature of sacrifice).
Law of Divine Will. Once will of gods is known by believer in Aztec
pantheon, +2 bonus to actions supporting their will, penalty to actions opposing it.
Law of Conquest. Warlike nature to society; society must engage in battle within 3 months; individuals must engage in battle in number of days equal to Reality or Spirit value.
Religion, Reincarnation, Karma

Short Description of PoD:

1840AC: Aztecs dominate America and Mongols dominate Eurasia
Ezcalli is a world dominated by the Tenocha Empire, a heavy updating of the Aztec Empire. It’s set in 1840, making it be a good alternative earth for steam punk time travel games. Although the ideas here are less used then some, the world is far too “thin” in content. Its not as original as Shikaku Mon, and much of the information included is uninspiring, while the things which would titillate the curiosity are left out.
2005AC: Al Euros (European or descendants of them must live or have resident on the Manhattan Island. Descendants of colonials can have indian citicenship but are treated as second clase citizens. With the rest of the tribes assimilated by the aztec culture there is still politeism and rivalities but everything is legal if its conducted in the “official and legal war games”.


Important Organizations:

Important Characters:

Important Considerations:

Outher Dimensional Interference:
Earth Prime: HG-7 11/19/04.

SCI FI Genre: Alternate Earth, Time Travel
d20 Future: Timetravel
(1840AC) GURPS: Alternate Earths1 p.90-106
(2005AC) COMIC: Sliders Blood and Splendor

Ezcalli 1
En el a±o 2000 a primera vista las estructuras, edificios y puentes con sus motivos aztecas y de otras razas indias parecen extra±os a los ojos del visitante de la realidad Ezcalli 1. La policia de este mundo es mßs violenta y mejor armada. Las calles son mßs limpias y organizadas y los edificios mßs hermosos y altos incluyendo pirßmides en algunas partes de las ciudades. Es normal encontrar vehiculos pintados con patrones geomΘtricos y animales multicolores. En muchas formas el mundo es igual que el de Earth Prime pero los conocimientos de astronomφa y medicina son mßs adelantados. Son capaces de predecir el clima con mucha mßs exactitud y han puesto ya una estacin permanente en rbita. Aunque no han inventado la bomba atmica si tienen aviones jets y submarinos poderosos. El nativo tφpico del lugar es disciplinado y respetuoso y sabe llorar en pblico cuando la ocasin asφ lo amerita. Los nativos comen comida rßpida en lugares como Fish King, ven repeticiones de la serie Tribe y beben de vez en cuando SunCola. En su dieta ma±anera se incluye el comer pollos pre nacidos que son huevos con el pollito ya adentro semi desarrollado.
Los nativos creen en la reencarnacin y en que una promesa incumplida debe ser seguida por el hijo, nieto, etc. Por esa razn un hijo puede tener el mismo nombre que su padre y es considerado su reencarnacin para que cumpla con alguna promesa o deuda o simplemente contine con la tradiccin familiar como el trabajo del padre.
Los “euros” solo pueden vivir en el Puerto Libre de Mannana que es el equivalente a nuestro Manhattan debido a una promesa del primer Emperador. Los habitantes del Imperio Azteca tendrßn por lo menos un rank en Knowledge/Teology and Religios y creeran en la reencarnacin tradicional.

Important PCs Paralelites and their Roles (2005):

Abigail Cromwell
Euro in the Manhattan Island studing extrange cases and indian ruins.

Alexander Marcus
Descendant of colonials. Have second class citizenship.

Andrew Desmond
Euro in the Manhattan Island studing extrange cases and indian ruins.

Anna “Max” Maxine Brown
Descendant of colonials. Have second class citizenship.

Bill Hammer

Brother John
Euro in the Manhattan Island studing extrange cases and indian ruins.

Bruce Oscar
Descendant of colonials. Have second class citizenship.

Catalina Cruz
Euro in the Manhattan Island studing extrange cases and indian ruins.

David "Cash"Smith
Descendant of colonials. Have second class citizenship.

David “Dabo” Stephens
Euro in the Manhattan Island studing extrange cases and indian ruins.


Elizabeth Barldon

Gabriel Angeles
Descendant of colonials. Have second class citizenship.

Grace Anderson
Descendant of colonials. Have second class citizenship.

Gregory Leonides
Euro in the Manhattan Island studing extrange cases and indian ruins.

Descendant of colonials. Have second class citizenship.

Jack Clancy
Descendant of colonials. Have second class citizenship.

James Elliot
Descendant of colonials. Have second class citizenship.

Johnny Stick
Descendant of colonials. Have second class citizenship.

Jonathan Turtle

Kurt Burton

Lester “Doc Church” Churcill Stark
Euro in the Manhattan Island studing extrange cases and indian ruins.

Lord Wyrmblood
Euro in the Manhattan Island studing extrange cases and indian ruins.

Mailee Wong
Euro in the Manhattan Island studing extrange cases and indian ruins.


Martin Murphy
Descendant of colonials. Have second class citizenship.

Mary Ann Queen
Descendant of colonials. Have first class citizenship.Shaman.

Father Patricks Williams
Euro in the Manhattan Island studing extrange cases and indian ruins.

Richard Rivera

Robert Matherson

Ron Estarborn

Samantha Craven
Descendant of colonials. Have first class citizenship.Shaman.



Thomas Cook

Vickie Galaxy

Victor Daniels

Zack Ryan
Descendant of colonials. Have first class citizenship.

Important PC’s and their Roles (1840):


En esta dimensión es el Hijo de Cimaguey criado por Serpentkiss



Aztec Pantheon

CHALCHIHUITLCUE Lady Precious Green, wife of Tlaloc. Goddess of storms and water. Personification of youthful beauty, vitality and violence. In some illustrations she is shown holding the head of Tlazolteotl, the goddess of the witches, between her legs. Chalchihuitlcue is the whirlpool, the wind on the waters, all young and growing things, the beginning of life and creation.

COATLICUE Earth monster. In the darkness and chaos before the Creation, the female Earth Monster swam in the waters of the earth devouring all that she saw. Wehn the gods Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca decided to impose form upon the Earth, they changed themselves into serpents and struggled with the Earth Monster until they broke her in two. Coatlicue’s lower part then rose to form the heavens and her upper part descended to form the earth. Coatlicue has an endless, ravenous appetite for human hearts and will not bear fruit unless given human blood.

CINTEOTL The corn god, the giver of food, god of fertility and regeneration. Cinteotl is protected by the rain gods Tlaloc and Chalchihuitlcue.

EUEUCOYOTL The Old, Old Coyote. Associated with gaiety and sex. A god of spontaneity, of ostentatious ornament, of unexpected pleasure and sorrow. A trickster and troublemaker. Considered unlucky.

HUITZILOPOCHTLI God of war, son of Coatlicue. Principal god of the Aztecs. When Coatlicue became pregnant with Huitzilopochtli, her daughter Coyolxauhqui incited her brothers, the Centzon Huitznahua (the Four Hundred Stars) to destroy Coatlicue, because her pregnancy brought disgrace on the family. Still in the womb, Huitzilopochtli swore to defend his mother and immediately on being born put on battle armor and war paint. After defeating the Four Hundred Stars, Huitzilopochtli slew his sister and cast her down the hill at Templo Mayor where her body broke to pieces on striking the bottom. Priests at Templo Mayor killed prisoners in the same way, these sacrifices being replicas of mythical events designed to keep the daily battle between day and night and the birth of the God of War ever in the minds of the people. Often considered synonomous with QUETZALCOATL.

ITZCOLIUHQUI The Twisted Obsidian One, the God of the Curved Obsidian Blade. God of darkness and destruction. Blinded and cast down from the heavens, Itzcoliuhqui strikes out randomly at his victims.

ITZPAPALOTL Obsidian Butterfly. Beautiful, demonic, armed with the claws of a jaguar. The female counterpart of Itzcoliuhqui.

MICTLAN Below the world of living men there are nine underworlds, the lowest of which is Mictlan, the Land of the Dead ruled by Mictlantechupi and his consort Mictlancihuntl. Souls who win no merit in life come here after death, but they do not suffer as in the Christian hell. Instead they merely endure a rather drab and colorless existence before passing again into the world of the living. As a man disappears into the West, the direction of the dead, the seeds of his rebirth are sown.

OMETEOTL “God of the Near and Close,” “He Who Is at the Center,” the god above all, the being both male and female who created all life and existence. Ometeotl is dualistic, embodying both male and female, light and dark, positive and negative, yes and no. Ometoetol occupies Omeyocan, the highest of the Aztecs’ thirteen heavens, and the four heavens immediately below Omeyocan are a mystery about which no one knows very much. Below the five highest heavens is a region of strife and tempest, where Ometeotl breaks into his many facets or aspects.

QUETZALCOATL The Feathered Serpent. The Precious Twin who lifts the sun out of darkness, god of the winds and the breath of life, First Lord of the Toltecs. Lawgiver, civilizer, creator of the calender. Demons tempted Quetzalcoatl constantly to commit murder and human sacrifice, but his love was too great for him to succumb. To atone for great sins, Quetzcoatl threw himself on into a funeral pyre, where his ashes rose to the heavens as a flock of birds carrying his heart to the star Venus. A frieze in the palace at Teotihuacan shows his first entry into the world in the shape of a chrysalis, from which he struggles to emerge as a butterfly, the symbol of perfection. Quetzalcoatl is by far the most compassionate of the Azec gods — he only demands one human sacrifice a year. Often considered synonomous with HUITZILOPOTCHLI.

TEZCATLIPOCA The Prince of This World, the Mirror that Smokes, the One Always at the Shoulder, the Shadow. A trickster, revered particularly by soldiers and magicians. The name refers to the black obsidian mirrors used by magicians which become cloudy when scrying. A god of wealth and power, Tezcatlopoca’s favors can only be won by those willing to face his terrors. Ruler over the early years of a man’s life.

TLALOC Lord of all sources of water, clouds, rain, lightening, mountain springs, and weather.

TLALOCAN Kingdom of Tlaloc, a heaven of sensual delights, of rainbows, butterflies and flowers, of simple-minded and shallow pleasures. Souls spend only four years here before returning to the land of the living. Unless it strives for higher and nobler things while living, a soul is destined for this endless round of mortal life and Tlalocan. When a life had been particularly evil, a soul might journey instead to Mictlan.

TLILLAN-TLAPALLAN The land of the fleshless. The Land of the Black and Red, the colors signifying wisdom. A paradise for those who successfully follow the teachings of Quetzalcoatl. Those souls who come to Tlillan-Tlapallan have learned to live without fleshly bodies, a state greatly to be desired.

TLAZOLTEOTL Eater of filth, devourer of sins, goddess of witches and witchcraft. Tlazolteotl has power over all forms of unclean behavior, usually sexual. Confessing sins to Tlazolteotl, one is cleansed. The goddess has four forms or aspects, corresponding to the phases of the moon: a young and carefree temptress, the lover of Quetzalcoatl; the Goddess of gambling and uncertainty; the Great Priestess who consumes and destroys the sins of mankind; and frightful old crone, persecutor and destroyer of youth.

TONATIUH God of the Sun. Poor and ill, Tonatiuh cast himself into the flames, and being burnt up, was resurrected. Daily Tonatiuh repeats his passage across the heavens, down into darkness, and back again into the sky. With him Tonatiuh carries all brave warriors who have died in battle and all brave women who have died in childbirth. The greatest heroes Tonatiuh carries with him to the greatest heights. In Tonatiuhican, the House of the Sun, dwell those who have won even greater enlightenment than those who dwell in Tlillan-Tlapallan.

XIPE TOTEC Lord of the Spring, god of newly planted seed and of pentitential torture. A pockmarked saviour who tears out his eyes and flays himself in penance to the gods, thus persuading the gods to give maize to men. Giving up his pockmarked skin, Xipe Totec is then clad in robes of gold.

XIUHTECUHTLI Lord of fire, Lord of the Pole Star, pivot of the universe, one of the forms of the Supreme Deity. The lord of every flame, from those which burn in the temples to those which burn in the lowliest huts.

XOLOTL The god with backward feet who brought Man as well as Fire from the underworlds. Bringer of misfortune. The evil aspect of the star Venus. Quetzalcoatl’s deformed twin.


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