Earth X

Earth X
Less wars and more medical knowledge but also less social liberties for men are the standard in this amazon’s world where very strong willed women rule over weak minded men. PL: 5 (with more advances in medicine). Parallel Evolutions.

Complete Name:

Earth X, Earth Cromosone X, Women’s Earth, Amazon’s Earh


Point of Divergency:


Current Time:

Technological Predominancy:

Social Predominancy:

Nexus Point:

Documented Access Points:
P3: Earth Prime

Law of Cromosone X: Men are the weaker sex.

Short Description of PoD:
There is no specific point of divergency on this world. Women have always ruled the planet and men are the ones with second class jobs and no voting decisional power. Oddly, this world have been able to survive without mayor war events and conflicts. Every person in Earth Prime has a paralelite here they just have reverse roles.

Women wear the pants on this world. Women here fly planes, hold public office, play professional sports, and are the captains of industry. They can even become Pope, just ask Jane Pauley! Men stay home and take care of the kids or, maybe, get a job as a receptionist. Hillary Clinton is president. One wonders if Elizabeth Dole will run against her in ’96? Technology is almost a little over Earth Prime, borderling in PL 6. It appears that some inventions that were supouse to come of wartime took a little time to happen.

Wars and special events lasted less and men are still fighting for their rights to vote, etc. Sexist, men/women rights, sociopolitical satire.

Important Organizations:
Hoffwoman Institute

Important Characters:

Important Considerations:

Outher Dimensional Interference:

Sci Fi Genre: Mirror Universes, Alternate Realities
d20 F: Alternate Realities
Movies Amazonian Movies?
TV: Sliders
Earth X
El mundo de Earth X en los tiempos presentes es igual a Earth Prime a escepcin de peque±os detalles que el visitante tiene que estar pendiente para notarlo. Es un poco mßs limpio. Las mujeres visten mßs conservadoramente y usan el pelo mßs corto o recogido. Muy pocas mujeres se ven en la calle con los hijos en coches o al hombro eso lo hacen los hombres. Los anuncios de revistas son mßs de hombres. La mujer de este mundo no usa brazier si no lo necesita y puede andar con los pechos al descubierto donde lo deseen. En cambio los hombres no descubren sus pechos pero usan ropa mßs escotada y provocativa y pueden usar falda. Los hombres no tiene trabajos importantes ni es normal que porten armas. Existe el crimen y hay gente descontenta pero no son un planeta muy armado ni militarmente poderoso. Sus adelantos en medicina ponen esa ßrea casi en PL6. Las nativas y sus hombres comen comida rßpida en sitios como Burger Queen, ven en la televisin repeticiones de Girlsfriends y beben refrescos como Coco Cola. LOs habitantes de este mundo matriarcal tratarßn de aprender el skill de Diplomacia y resolver las cosas hablando. Los medicos tienen un bono de +4 en Treat Injury check y en sus curaciones.

En las facilidades del Hoffman Institute en Earth Prime se recibirá la visita de representantes del Hoffwoman Institute de Earth X.

Earth Prime’s:
Director Dench (Hoffman Institute)
Prof. Cromwell (Odisseus Paranormal Investigations)
Sargent Osvald (Wife of Dr. Osvald, HI Security)
Agent Anderson (FBI)

Earth X’s:
Director Dench (Hoffwoman Institute)
Prof. Cromwell (Odisea Paranormal Investigations)
General Osvald (Wife of Dr. Osvald, Pentagon)
Chief Agent Anderson (FBI)

Se han reunido basados en las siguientes premisas:
1. Que este descubrimiento y el contacto entre ambos mundos debe continuar entre las entidades que lo comenzaron.
2. Que el descubrimiento de mundos alternos debe mantener bajo extricto secreto del Pentagono y el Instituto hasta que pueda estudiarse mejor sus consecuencias y efectos en ambos mundos.
3. Que lo primero que debe ser estudidado es el efecto social y cultural del choque de ambas culturas.
4. Que lo segundo que debe ser estudiado es el efecto técnologico y cientifico de la máquina.

Han estado leyendo por seis horas unos informes que se prepararon para la reunión. Los mismos contenían a petición de ambos grupos:
1. Resumen de los 100 eventos más importantes en la Historia del Planeta Tierra.
2. Lista de las 100 personas más importantes en la historia del Planeta Tierra.
3. Historia del Instituto y su motivación ha hacer el experimento.
4. Historia de la OPI y su motivación ha estar en el experimento.

Items que serán requeridos al final de la reunión para compartir más información que será estudiada en los respectivos mundos por expertos. Esta información que fué requerida por Earth X es:
1. Un segundo libro más detallado que incluye información de cada pais de cada mundo.
2. Copias de los avances logrados con el Portal Dimensional.
3. Copia de los files creados sobre los mundos visitados.

In 1270, the eighth and final campaign known as the Crusades began. Hordes of fighters from around Europe descended upon the Holy Land, Palestine, leaving their wives and children behind. Papal farms grew dependent on the labor of women, and feudal kings grew weak without their support.

Geoffrey Chaucer writes in the foreword of his Canterbury Tales that an Anne Murray, a peasant farmer in the York region of England began a grass roots movement to overthrow their feudal lord and establish a democratic state. In 1281, Murray and dozens of women stormed the castle and fought off the guards, many of whom did not feel comfortable doing battle with a woman. The lord imprisoned, Murray established a Senate and presided over it under the directive of the Great National Plebiscite.

News spread and other cells of women’s suffrage moved throughout Europe. By the time news had spread all the way down to Jerusalem, the Moors had the Christian forces and the Knights Templar in fierce battle. When the armies limped back to their respective countries, they found everything to be well in order… and ruled by women.

Over the centuries, men have gradually come to recognize the benefit of female leadership. No war, social issues are handled swiftly and efficiently and crime is almost non-existent. However, it is definitely a caste system — men have little avenues of employment aside from modeling, secretarial work and nannying.

In 1995, San Francisco mayor Anita Ross ran as an incumbent against political unknown Maximillian Arturo, a mysterious professor who won the election and subsequently disappeared. Men are now starting to run for office all over the country.

Presidents of the United States include Hillary Clinton and Susan B. Anthony.

Earth X

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