Arabs conquered, educated and now rule a world with a millennia of peace and stability. Self learning and expanding ones knowledge is the mayor policies of this culture. Space exploration lead them to a recent alliance with other races. In this world technology is very advanced and A.I.s that convert to Muslin can be citizens with the same rights as any living being. The A.I. in charge of Interdimensional Exploration and Defense has develop ways to detect and divert travelers from other realities. PL:8.SOURCES: GURPS: Alternate Earths (RPG). d20 Future: Star Drive, V-Net and Artificial Intelligence.

Complete Name:



Point of Divergency:


Current Time:

Technological Predominancy:

Social Predominancy:

Nexus Point:

Documented Access Points:
P3:Stargate-1 P3: Shikaku Mon-1
P3: Roma-3 PR: Univac-2

Law of Order: Keeping the order helps the continuity.
Law of Faith: Those with a faith have a +2 to oppose others faith if they have a group.

Short Description of PoD:
The printing press is invented in Bahgdad in 796 AC. Egypt begins mechanization of textile industry in 1171AC. Etc.

A unified Earth under the control of the Caliphates explores the galaxy hand in hand with other races. Fourth centuries before Homeline attains spacefaring capacity. A.I. have citizenship and present themselves using holograms and animals are cloned but not people. The Spirit Net (V-Net) is the center of the information age in the neighboor systems and the caliphates are the controlers of it.
Enemies like the Kroaths were defeated earlier in the history.


Important Organizations:

Important Characters:

Important Considerations:

Outher Dimensional Interference:

SCI FI GENRE: A.I. and Space Exploration.
GURPS: Alternate Earths (p.69-89)
d20 FUTURE: Cloning, AI, Star Drive, V-NET.
A.I.: The Genie
Artificial Inteligent computers are sentient and citizens all of them are believers. (P.77-78). They use holograms to present themselves. There are 30 of them and are divided in four groups:
• Djinn = White/Air Genie are used in research/scientific systems. There are 7 of them.
• Dao = Black/Earth Genie are used in enviromental control systems. There are 6 of them.
• Mardi = Blue/Water Genie are used in information/computer systems. There are 12 of them.
• Effret = Red/Fire Genie are used in war systems. There are 5 of them.
Their names are the name of the function and the version number in chronological order. So Djinn-7 is the latest white A.I.. Created and is in charge of the Dimensional Travel Research.
When a Genie (A.I.) Changes functions, at their choice, they have to change colors but not names. Computers are sometimes called “Djinni Bottles”.
Robots are controlled by A.I.s.

Caliph 1
Al llegar a Caliph 1 las enormes y luminosas ciudades de esta realidad dejan a todos pasmados. Es el 2000 y la limpieza y organizacin y la forma tan hermosa de construir las ciudades llenas de paisajes y jardines hacen este lugar uno de los preferidos de los viajeros interdimensionales. Los ropajes de los habitantes tambien son distintos parecidos a togas. El Spirit Net es el centro de la informacin y el conocimiento y todo versado habitante de este mundo quiere saber varios idiomas y tener por lo menos dos concentraciones o maestrφas. Las personas son muy quisquillosas en cuanto a respetar su fe y su posicin. Los vehiculos antigravedad se mueven por todas partes coordinados por los AI. Cuando un AI se presenta para interactuar con humanos lo hace con una imagen humanoide a travΘs de proyectores de hologramas y se ven que son trasparentes. Los nativos hablan sobre los colonos en otros mundos con familiaridad.
Los nativos de esta realidad visitan el Burger Caliph cuando quieren comida rßpida, algunos conocen el ltimo capitulo de la serie del Spirit Net, Beduins y beben para su placer la bebida OasisCola. Ciudadanos de los Calliphatos de este planeta aprenderan mßs de un lenguage incluyendo lenguas muertas para poder leer los libros en su idioma original. En el mundo existirßn robots controlados por un A.I. (d20 Modern y Menace Manual p.75).

The people of Calliph-1 are in peace with themselves and other worlds. They are advanced in technology and social achivementas and are happy. They explore the space and have alien friends and they helped the races of the Alliance to destroy the enemies called the Kroatar. They have a huge space station around the planet, a ring called “The Sword of the Alliance”. They explore the universe and have colonies in other planets. They have advances in computer and medical science and in cloning and spacecrafting.

Now they are working in their D-Gates and have been exploring the Multiverse for 20 years.

They have found the Homeline and Centrum realities and their Reality War and are not very happy about this. They don’t want to be used in that war. They want to do something but haven’t decide what yet. Either closing their dimension or theirs…

They would not tell the characters but will share with them their findings including data on how the Homeline and Centrum catalog realities and wormholes.

They will try to keep them as “guests” but soon they’ll find that there are other “guests” in the facility. The Doctor, Proffesor Maximillian Arturo and “Doc” Lester Brown Churchill.

Parallelites of the characters work in the project and are happy to found the characters.


Weapons & Equipment

Melee Weapon:
Energy Sword – Same as the Neural blade of d20 Future.

Range Weapon:
Spiter – A small hand held pistol that has the same stats that a small pistol. It can be disguised (at the moment of assambling it) into any kind of pistol, from a small croosbow to a laser pistol. The different is the way it works.
When the Spiter is not camouflaged it looks like a necklege or brazalet.

The Spiter doesn’t needs bullets. It has a small display in greek that can be access and will tell the user what he needs. 10 ounces of tin, 5 onces of lead, one once of silver. When the materials are entered the pistol needs a full minute to convert them into 50 pellets.
At the moment of firing the user chooses how many damage the pellet does. From 1d6 to 6d6. He also chooses if the damage will be subdual or wound. The pellets that are shot to the target are 1 per dice of damage.

Computer & Dimensional Wand:
This small hand held palm sized device has all the stats of a mainframe and also the equipment to open wormholes to other dimensions.


The Arabs invented the printing press in the 9th century, sparking an Islamic renaissance and a scientific revolution. We now have a highly advanced civilisation; high-tech Arabian Nights, with mile-high towers of diamond, highly advanced technology, AI ‘djinn’, and space colonies.

But all is not perfect; centuries of peaceful expansion have been broken by war; the movement calling itself ‘The Jamahirya’ has rejected the world-wide Islamic state. It controls the Americas, and has allied itself to the expansionist Caliphate of Hind. So far this hasn’t escalated to the level of a total war; but with the advanced bio- and nanotechnology in existance, things could get nasty.

This is very much a ‘sense of wonder’ high-SF setting; one of the distant space colonies has allegedly made first contact with aliens.


Infiniverse Galero