When church and government totally merged the world turned into a place full of intolerance and marked with long lasting religious wars. A lot of hate groups and terrorists without a cause have been born from the ashes of past jihads and crusades. Different religions control different governments in Aeolus, where things are very different in this fragmented Earth with the American Commonwealth terrorists attacking the Commerce Towers of the Arab Nations on 9/11. PL:4 (recently inventing the jet plane). SOURCES: GURPS: Alternate Earths (RPG). Martha Washington Saves the World (Comic).


The British ‘Glorious Revolution’ failed, and democracy was slow in coming to the resultant Catholic-dominated Europe.

While this sounds similar in theme to Cornwallis, the flavour of this world is quite different. The world’s attention is focussed on a war; the new ‘republican alliance’ in central Europe fights for survival against the Habsburg Russian empire, their newly-invented jet aircraft the republicans’ major advantage. So far Britain and France remain neutral.

Meanwhile North America is divided between the American Commonwealth, a protestant fundamentalist theocracy on the east coast, who view Catholic Europe as ‘Hell on Earth’, and the flamboyant French-speaking kingdom of Louisiana. As if that wasn’t enough, the Australians also speak French. Another big difference from Cornwallis is that the European nations have not colonised Africa or the Far East; Japan and China remain closed to the west; ‘Darkest Africa’ is unexplored and unknown, except of course to the natives.

This world again has a lot of potential for adventure; the war in Europe is just one of many things going on across the globe; go witch-hunting in the American Commonweath, or have pulp-style adventures in the unexplored heart of Africa.


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