Steampunk meets alchemy under the knowledge of Lord Wyrmz who rules this wasteland reality but now he is planning the conquests of others with his Wheel of Worlds (a device for travelling to different parallel worlds). This godlike being likes to eat people and prefers the flavor of heroes. PL: 4 (weird science). SOURCES: d20 Cyberscape, Wheel of Worlds (Comics). d20 Future: From the Dark Hearth of Space.

1796 – Wyrmz arrives to this reality and studies the humans living on Earth. At this moment this Earth was just like Earth Prime.
1818 –Wyrmz gave different important people in different countries advanced knowledge of steam machines, gunpower, factories and chemicals.
1835 – Just before the depression Wyrmz gave different important people advanced knowledge of radio waves, electricity, electronics and fision. He started moving people from different countries to continue using slaves and more advanced technology each day.
1860 – Wyrmz has advanced the technology of all the mayor nations in a way that they became slaves of technology.
1898 – Wyrmz teaches the humans of all mayor nations, at the same time, to built atomic weapons. A race to be the nation with more “fear power” starts.
1900 – Wyrmz uses his telephatic and mind control powers to launch the atomic bombs of all nations at the same time. Earth is damaged and 90% of the population killed in the initial strike.
1910 – Wyrmz starts to build his walking city.
1930 – Wyrmz has become only Lord of all the planet substituting god and law. His walking city travels around the wastelands mining resources and kidnapping people.
1940 – Wyrmz starts to built his Wheel of Worlds using the resources of the almost dead planet.
2000 – Wyrmz’s Wheel of Worlds is completed.
2005 – Attack on Earth Alpha caused the destruction of all mayor cities and fall of many governments.
2006 – Heroes from Earth Prime are able to destroy the Wheels of Worlds.
2007 – Lord Wyrmz then, divided himself in 7 different selves to travel to different realities in different moments in time to built a machine to win over his enemies. Six of the fragments are destroyed in realities Dixie-1, Ezcalli-1, Roma-3, Comwallis-1 and Kamandi- 4.
2011 – Lord Wyrmz latest fragment arrives to a multiverse vortex, and join with another powerful fragmented evil creature, The Revenant from Gibson-2. He is finally destroyed on in Earth-50 of the Elseworlds Nexus.
2012 – Zearth is a place in the middle of a civil war, everyone with enough power to raise an army have taken a piece of Lord Wyrmz technology and used it to claim the Walking City.
“After the villains sisters Abi and Sam Crom destroyed the Wheel of Words, the world of Zearth has gone from bad to worst. The fabric of reality is collapsing and they have machines that are design to function using only souls as fuel. The travel from place to place using their Steamtrack detecting anomalies using Compassteks and stealing people from other realities with red-gas and a sucking-like machine that places them in a cryogenic tube. There is a lawless fight for resources, souls and survival in the world of the fallen Lord Wyrm. What else can you expect when you kill a god?”

Complete Name:

Zearth-1, Lord Wyrmz Domain, The Wastelands


Point of Divergency:


Current Time:

Technological Predominancy:
PL:4+ in the cities and towns of the wasteland and PL:6 in the Crawling City.

Social Predominancy:

Nexus Point:

Documented Access Points:
P4: Gernsback-1
P4: Verne-1
P4: Ezcalli-1
P4: Dixie-1
P4: Migward-1

Law of Technomage

Short Description of PoD:
Wyrmz got to this Earth and pushed the industrial revolution and the development of nuclear weapons. Then he move the contries to war. He now is the master of everything moving from city to city (those not destroyed already) and draining them of everything they have. The peoples fight between themselves but are docil to the Lord.


The Lord uses a combination of Steampunk technology and magic. It can take the essence of a human being and use it to fuel machines. Also he can use brains to serve as computers.

Important Organizations:

Important Characters:

Important Considerations:

Outher Dimensional Interference:

Comics: The Wheel of Worlds

Zearth 1
Cualqier visitante que visita el mundo Zearth 1 por primera vez se podrφa creer que se encuentra en un extenso pueblo vaquero de los 1800’s. Las ropas pobres y maltratadas y hasta las enormes fßbricas y la contaminacin de carbn en todas partes parecen de las ciudades mßs grandes de esa Θpoca. Entonces es cuando te tropiezas con cuatro automatas de 10 pies de alto armados con extra±os rifles o sirviendo de fuerza para mover gigantescos vagones de carbn. Los automatas, que a simple vista, parecen propulsados por un motor de vapor se mueven por toda la ciudad. Los nativos comen comida rßpida en sitios como el Lizardburger’s Place, escuchan en la radio repeticiones de la serie Nemesi (Es como la serie de Friends pero tratan de matarse todo el tiempo) y beben refrescos como PeeCola. Todos lo esclavos de este mundo tienen que tener un craft, proffesion o knoledge y sobrevivir siendo validos y aun asφ eso no impide que el Lord lo llame para comerselo solo por que le gusta su color de piel o su olor.

Wyrmz = Emperor = Lizard/T Rex/Dragon de los comics Wheel of Worlds. Le gusta comer Heroes y subyugar mundos.
Timeline Wars.

Lord Wyrmz
Lord Wyrmz is a Tyranosaurious Rex that adquired awareness and evolved in the World of Mystara Etira. He was first but then the Old One Ka (another sapien dinosaur) opposed him and send him to another dimension. The dragons were raisng as a civilization and remember this as “The Exile of the Devourer”. Wyrmz likes to devour souls. He specialy flavors the souls of Heroes. He reffers to them as “spice ones”. Thats the reason why he provoke conflict in his world to exploit them and to feat on the heroes.

After a few centuries of destroying and reaping worlds of their resources, Wyrmz is about to finish the Wheel of Worlds. His servants (the Gentlemen) are almost done, even when they were delayed by heroes of Earth Prime. heroes that Wyrmz wants to meet… for dinner.

The Wheel of Worlds
This device is a combination of Steampunk and Technomagic that can looked to not one but nine worlds at the same time. They will all be a fixed Wormhole to a Reality with a Proximity 3 and can open Wormholes with realities that are in Proximity 5. The only problem is that reseting one gate to a world will reset all the gates. So Lord Wyrmz has to keep the gate looked to the nine worlds he choosed.

At this moment the gates that are dixed to other worlds are:
Ezcalli 1
Gernsback 1
Kamandi 1
Roma 3
Romero 2

This D-gate is for different worlds of Promity 3 or 4.

and four more that he already destroyed.
(one of them should help he get to Mystara if he wants to)

His minions use winchester rifles and colt pistols modified with alchemy. They work as disisntegrator pistos (d20Future p. 76)
3d8 Energy 30 Feet S 10Box Large 6lb.

En esta realidad el Lord ha estado haciendo experimentos por siglos así que podrían aparecer paralelitas de todos los personajes y hasta estar repetidos. Prisioneros viviendo en este mundo donde trampas interdimensionales hacen a viajeros caer en el dominio del Lord Wyrmz.

Henry Phage, also known as the Teknophage, rules the planet Kalighoul –also known as Zearth-1- from his mobile fortress, the Phage building. He is a 65 million year old reptilian humanoid, his sole purpose is to create strife so that he may eat the gourmet treats of those who struggle against it; those with a killer instinct. Henry Phage is sometimes called the Teknophage, Mr. Phage or Lord Wyrmz, depending on the reality and disguise he is using. Those that worked for him treat him as a god. However, he is not immune to objects that are Off-World matter.

Lord Wyrmz is a Tyranosaurious Rex that acquired awareness and evolved in the World of Mystara Etira. He was first but then the Old One Ka (another sapien dinosaur) opposed him and sends him to another dimension. The dragons were rising as a civilization and remember this as “The Exile of the Devourer”. Wyrmz likes to devour souls. He specially flavors the souls of Heroes. He refers to them as “spice ones”. That’s the reason why he provokes conflict in his world to exploit them and to feat on the heroes.

After a few centuries of destroying and reaping worlds of their resources, Wyrmz is about to finish the Wheel of Worlds. His servants (the Gentlemen) are almost done, even when they were delayed by heroes of Earth Prime. Heroes that Wyrmz wants to meet… for dinner.

Over the years he became the top predator on his world, and eventually discovered wormholes which he used to travel to other worlds. He eventually learned to control the world around him with his mind. These powers include controlling others, reading people’s minds, and projecting a mind blast. He was able to find new wormholes, and devised the ‘teknology’ to stabilize them in his machine, the Wheel Of Worlds, located at the top of the Phage building. He has created his own technology through use of alchemy and has made his world similar to a Victorian era steampunk world. Including the Wheel of Worlds, a gargantuan artifact that can open wormholes to different realities for him to conquer. The wheel of worlds is located on the Phage Building, but is currently destroyed.

But a group of adventurer’s from Earth Prime were able to expose Lord Wyrmz infiltration on their planet and four more and unite heroes from realities Earth Prime, Earth X, Ezcalli-1, Roma-3 and Gernsback-1 to destroy the Wheel of Worlds.

Lord Wyrmz then, divided himself in 7 different selves to travel to different realities in different moments in time to build a machine to win over his enemies. He is stopped by enemies from different realities specially from reality Caliph-1 who built a super A.I. computer named W.O.T.A.N. to specifically destroy him.

The Phage Building
The Phage Building is Mr. Phage’s home. It and everything in it, runs on the teknology of industrialized alchemy, that is a combination of Dungeons & Dragons magical alchemy and steam power of the Victorious age. Innumerable stories high, it rolls around the planet of Zearth-1 (Kahlighoul) gathering people to work in it who eventually give up their souls to its furnaces. The building was made to a hierarchical scheme.
• The bottom levels house the vatmen and other workers, kept in line by alchemical-steambots, the Vulgar Bootmen. They keep the city moving, electricity, water recycling and raw material processing.
• The middle level houses the middlemen. They do the day to day work in factories, building weapons, clothes, and even processing synthetic food. They are servants, officers, technicians, and some of them can be raised to the rank of officer.
• The top levels sport the aristocrats while the topmost level is home to Mr. Phage himself.


Cattle – Slaves, people without any valor that are marked to be consumed, their organs extracted or used to extract their souls to power the Phage Building.

Compasstek – A compass-like clockwork device designed to detect anomalies that can be used to open wormholes to other devices.

General – Any person with soldiers, weapons and a piece of important Lord Wyrmz technology.

Phage – a virus that is parasitic (reproduces itself) in bacteria; “phage uses the bacterium’s machinery and energy to produce more phage until the bacterium is destroyed and phage is released to invade surrounding bacteria”

Phage Building – A gargantuan building with legs that moves around the wastelands of Zearth-1.

Soulvial – A tek battery were a soul is storage and used as energy.

Steamalchemy – The combination of steam power, clockwork devices and alchemy used by Lord Wyrmz to build his city, his robots, and cybernetic implants for his slaves.

Steamchief – A steam chief is in charge of one group of vatmen or workers (usually 12 to 24) on the bottom levels of Phage Building. If he could survive there for a long time he can try to become Master Steamchief in charge of several groups.

Steamtrack – A steamalchemical locomotive that can be used to move between dimensions but only using the wormholes already mapped and openend by Lord Wyrmz.

Technophage – Another name of Lord Wyrmz that refers to his abilities to feed from human souls and use them as energy for his devices.

Tekghouls – The army of cowboy-like slaves-herders tek-enhanced trigger-happy mutant-fuckers that keep feeding the wheels of the city with slaves.

Teknology – Is synonymous to technology in all aspects but include the merge of technology from different laws of physics merged into one. For example: magic, steam power, clockwork devices, nuclear energy, laser technology, alchemy and chemistry.

Vats – The devices used to extract the soul from the flesh of a cattle and bottle it in small vials.

Vulgar Bootmen – Steam and Iron robot soldiers created using the soul’s essence of slaves and steamalchemy tek. They don’t speak, recognize command from superiors only and won’t do anything to harm Lord Wyrmz.

Wheel Of Worlds – A machine built by Lord Wyrmz that can stabilize wormholes and open connections between worlds. It was located in the Phage building. It was destroyed by operatives of Earth Prime.

“Praise be our Lord,
he who consumes our flesh and soul,
we delight on your devouring.

Lord who can read our minds,
who can control our weak souls,
and who can make us remember all our pains with a single thought;

Lord who are able to find paths to travel to other worlds,
and who devised the ‘teknology’ to stabilize them in this machine,
You Master of the Wheel Of Worlds;
You Master of the technophage,
You Master of the steamalchemy;

Oh you Lord,
who lives in top of the Phage building, the walking city,
watching over our minds and flesh, and souls:

Kill me fast or remember me no more.


Witches of Eastwick: Abi Crom, Sam Crom and Cat Cruz

For destroying the Wheel of Worlds and taking from use Our Lord Wyrmz.


Infiniverse Galero